behind the scenes of making a video game

From October 30 to November 3, the tenth edition of Paris Games Week welcomes players from around the world. The opportunity to discover the secrets of making video games.

At The Game Atelier, a small development studio in Paris, there are only a dozen employees in a duplex. On the one hand, there are the games to relax and on the other, the games they are working on. Since 2010, The Game Workshop has not been idle. Games on the phone and then on console, the French studio has gained aplomb thanks to a production: Monster Boy. An exploration game with a very cartoon style released in 2018. “The basic step was still to make a Bible with characters, places, game mechanics, and say 'it's going to be like that we will develop all this content on the production 'and try to find out what the final product would look likeexplains Fabien Demeulenaere, the director of the studio.

This week, hundreds of thousands of players are expected throttles in hand for the tenth edition of the Paris Games Week. The show dedicated to video games opens its doors Wednesday, October 30 Porte de Versailles, in Paris, to present the next releases of video games pending the arrival in 2020 of the future generation of consoles. Far from the E3 of Los Angeles or the Tokyo Game Show, where many games have been revealed, the Paris event focuses on allowing players to try productions already commercialized a few weeks before Christmas.

Fabien Demeulenaere (right), director of The Game Atelier, at the studio's studio in Paris. (XAVIER GRUMEAU / RADIOFRANCE)

The recipe, to make a good game, is above all to have a strong team. The trades are not lacking at The Game Workshop. “So already, there are the developers: a game designer and a level designercontinues Fabien Demeulenaere. We also have lots of graphic designers, a sound designer, etc. “

First, the designers start working to imagine the world to create. They also draw the sets and environments. “You have to determine which artist is going to do this or that environment, on which level we are going to work, all with references provided by the artistic director”says Johan Lun, who directs the studio's artists.

A designer uses a graphics tablet at the studio of The Game Atelier studio in Paris.
A designer uses a graphics tablet at the studio of The Game Atelier studio in Paris. (XAVIER GRUMEAU / RADIOFRANCE)

Then, it is the turn of the developers to manage the technical aspect of the game. Dorian Hernandez stages the entire virtual universe thanks to a key element: moving the characters. “We are going to start making prototypes to test the first ideas, he says. It must be ensured that when the player presses a key, the character jumps. But we must also program the behavior of enemies, make the game is easily playable, smooth, controls are working well.

And finally, to add a musical atmosphere to the images, the sound designer Cédric Joder prepares the sound effects of the game. “I take care of the sounds of the characters, the sounds of the actions, the menus, the atmospheres .. What is specific to the video games, it is the fact to make it interactive, to make interact the elements of the scenario with the sounds, and reciprocally, throughout the game. ” To finish Monster Boy, The Game Workshop took five years. The team is already on a brand new project, for the moment top secret. To see the first images, we will have to arm ourselves with patience.

Behind the scenes of the making of a video game – The report of Xavier Grumeau


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