behind the scenes of the Greek crisis as seen by the filmmaker Costa-Gavras

This is the adaptation of Yanis Varoufakis' book “Conversations between adults behind the scenes of Europe”, where the former Greek finance minister reveals his attempt to lighten the burden of austerity for Greece during the financial crisis started in 2008. Released November 6 on the screens.

In Adults in the room, the filmmaker Costa-Gavras, champion of a committed cinema, plunges behind the scenes of the crisis of the Greek debt to better show the functioning and the errors according to him of the European Union.

Screened out of competition at the last Venice Film Festival, the film in theaters Wednesday, is the adaptation of the book Conversations between adults, behind the scenes of Europe, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who stayed a little less than six months in office in 2015.

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The film, like the book, tells the tussle of the former Greek Finance Minister, elected the same year under the banner of Alexis Tsipras's party, Syriza, with the creditors, European Union and International Monetary Fund, in the hope of easing strict austerity policies.

The idea of ​​this feature film began to germinate in the head of Franco-Greek director Z in 2007, during a meeting with the ambassador of Cyprus in Paris, he had explained in Venice in September. “I asked him: how is Greece doing?” He said to me: Greece is going to disaster, and why? He explained exactly what would happen in the years to come.he had said. “I started from that moment to gather the material, everywhere”, before his wife sent him an interview in 2015 with Yanis Varoufakis, whom he decided to meet, the 86-year-old filmmaker continued.

“He showed me the writings of his speeches, he made me hear the things he had recorded at Eurogroup meetings”, the group of finance ministers of the euro area, he said. “Varoufakis also told me that he intended to write a book, and he told me the idea of ​​the book, and sent it to me chapter by chapter, and when I finished reading, I said there, there is the movie“.

This political drama of two hours follows the character of Yanis Varoufakis (Christos Loulis), through the meanders of the crisis. It is seen from meetings of finance ministers to European summits and informal talks, from capital to capital, battling against his European counterparts, and in particular the German minister Wolfgang Schäuble (Ulrich Tukur).

Costa-Gavras had explained to Venice to have wanted “do the show” with this film, even if it is sometimes difficult to make entertaining its subject for the least austere, and to render all the complexity. “I want to show,” he told AFP, pointing out that his film faced two ideas of politics: “Do we want to make a neo-liberal Europe or a Europe of people?”


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