Belgium will be led by a woman for the first time

Sophie Wilmes still has to take an oath before King Philip.

Great first in Brussels. The Belgian Minister of the Budget, French Liberal Sophie Wilmès was chosen, Saturday, October 26, as interim Prime Minister. This is the first time a woman will hold this office, announced incumbent Prime Minister Charles Michel. She must still take an oath before King Philippe, who will officially announce his appointment, no earlier than Sunday. Charles Michel, who will take the presidency of the European Council on 1 December, announced Friday that he wants to leave his current position “no later than early November”.

Sophie Wilmès, 44, has been appointed by a small ministerial committee. She finds herself at the head of a team without a majority in Parliament. “I will make every effort to ensure, in stability, the continuity of current affairs”responded the current Minister of Budget and the Public Service, also on Twitter.

Belgium did not more full-function government since December 2018, and the negotiations to form a new coalition stagnate since the May 26 legislative elections. Five months after the last legislative elections, marked by an increase in the ecologist vote and extremes, offering an even more fragmented landscape, the negotiations between parties have made very little progress for the formation of a federal government.


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