Bio: differences between department stores and specialized

There are big differences between supermarkets and small shops as far as organic is concerned. “For an average organic basket, in supermarkets, it takes on average 133 euros in a supermarket against 169 euros in specialty stores“, says journalist Camille Guttin, supermarkets handle larger volumes, so they are more flexible.When it comes to fruits and vegetables, the differences are still present, but in the other direction.25 euros in specialized stores on average against 31 euros in supermarkets“, says Camille Guttin.

Are prices going down? “Well no, it's pretty surprising. Organic prices increase by 2 to 3% a year, because there is a gap between supply and demand and production costs are very highCamille Guttin: The market has increased by 15% last year, to 9.7 billion euros, a record.If bio represents only 5% of food expenditure, the French are the second largest consumers in Europe behind Germany and in front of Italy.

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