Boeing: another blow for the 737 MAX

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Boeing: another blow for the 737 MAX

Will Boeing be able to put behind the unfortunate episode of the 737 MAX? Not sure. If the builder says he is doing everything possible to provide a safe and reliable aircraft, which has been grounded for eight months, some people seem to be very suspicious of this model. This is notably the case of commercial cabin crews of one of the largest American airlines, American Airlines. They say they do not want to fly aboard the 737 MAX, according to information reported by the specialized website Air Journal.

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In a letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, Lori Bassani, president of the Professional Cabin Personnel Association (APFA), which represents approximately 28,000 flight attendants and airline stewards at American Airlines, talks about “Concerns” of flight crews with regard to Boeing's single-aisle aircraft, which has not flown since March due to accidents on the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air flights, which left 346 dead. The staff hears “to refuse to fly in a plane that is not safe”.

Avoid a new tragedy

American Airlines had received some 24 of the 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft ordered from the manufacturer before the entire fleet of the aircraft was immobilized, Air Journal recalls. Today, in the face of staff concern, APFA is asking for more information on the plane once it has received FAA approval, the Federal Aviation Administration, to return to the air. Otherwise, explains Lori Bassani, flight crews “will refuse to get on board”.

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In her letter, the union president added, “We call for the highest standards of safety to avoid another tragedy, and our lives are not for sale.” Near Business Insider, a spokesman for the manufacturer confirmed to have received the letter of Lori Bassani and a response will soon be provided to the union. The CEO of Boeing was heard last week by the US Congress about the setbacks of the 737 MAX. American Airlines, for its part, assured that none of Boeing single-aisles will be in flight before, at least, January 16 next.


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