Bolsonaro goes to war against one of Brazil's leading newspapers

The Brazilian president ended the subscription of government bodies to the daily “Folha de S.Paulo”. It also threatens its advertisers.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro no longer wants the Folha de S.Paulo, one of the leading newspapers in the country. “Today I decided to cancel the subscription to the Folha here in the executive power.Who wants to read the Folha only has to pass to the bus station of Brasilia and buy it”, said the head of state in his weekly direct on FacebookThursday October 31st.

“We are not going to spend any more money in a newspaper like this, and those who buy advertising in the Folha pay attention” he added, threatening the newspaper's advertisers.

The measure resembles that taken by the White House last week with regard to daily newspapers New York Times and Washington Post, that Donald Trump considers as vectors of misinformation. Jair Bolsonaro has maintained since his election campaign that led him to win the presidential election of October 2018 an open confrontation with the largest media in Brazil, such as TV Globo TV or the magazine Veja.

The Folha denounced in a statement “openly discriminatory attitude” from the President and committed to continuing to “Critical and impartial journalism” vis-à-vis his government.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, from Saudi Arabia where he was traveling, the far-right president had published a video where he indulged in a violent charge against Globo, insults in support. He criticized the media empire for having linked its name to the assassination of the militant Marielle Franco, which occurred in March 2018. The public prosecutor's office of Rio de Janeiro later denounced as lying the testimony quoted by TV Globo who was the link between the carioca residential complex where Jair Bolsonaro lived and the murder of this black and lesbian municipal councilor, whose sponsors have so far not been identified.


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