“Boxing is taking on new momentum”

Frenchman Arsen Goulamirian put his opponent Kane Watts KO in the fourth round at the WBA World Championships at AccorHotels Arena.

This is the big comeback of boxing in Paris. More than 10,000 people attended the two WBA World Championships (light-heavyweight and super-welterweight) on Friday, November 15th. toAccorHotels Arena from Paris. Unot first since 2006.

It was an image that was unthinkable a few years ago. A room heated to white, spectators who do not hold up … The boxing is recipe. “It's an opportunity to see boxing again, there has not been boxing in Bercy for a good ten years”says a spectator. While attending a boxing match seemed to him “inaccessible”, another member of the public rejoices: “Bercy I know, it's not far, it's the metro, it made me want to go.”

The big show organized by Univent. Its promoter, Sébastien Acariès, applauds the return of the spectators and the media. “Today we have four TV broadcasters broadcasting boxing, which proves that boxing is gaining momentum.”

The event that re-emphasized the image of boxing, and which began its burst, is the last Rio Olympic Games in 2016, with six medals, including two gold, gleaned by the French. A click of which rejoices Brahim Asloum, former champion and consultant: “Rio has allowed us to restructure and re-establish that boxing was a sport that we liked.” We start on a real good base. rejoiced Brahim Asloum.

Since the Rio 2016 Olympics, the number of licensees continues to grow, with a 10% increase each year. The 60,000-follower mark was reached when they were only 10,000 in the mid-2000s.

Jérôme Val's report to the WBA World Championships at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris


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