Brexit “distracts” from real UK problems, Director Ken Loach indignant at Lumière Festival

In the eyes of British director Ken Loach, guest of the Lumière Festival in Lyon, Brexit is the tree that hides the forest.

Asked about the Brexit, which must vote on Saturday, October 19, parliamentarians of the British House of Commons, Ken Loach, believes that the question that occupies the United Kingdom for three years is only “a distraction“against the drifts of ultraliberalism.

Always committed, the English filmmaker, invited to the Lumière Festival in Lyon, whose latest film Sorry We Missed You, on the uberisation, goes out Wednesday, September 23 in France, judge that the “need to fight” n / A “never been so strong“.”I think we have to fight this in every possible way, politically, by getting organized, understanding the causes of what's wrong“while this”Liberal market economy leads to lower wages, business closures, unemployment, insecurity and increased poverty in many places“he said.

British director Ken Loach on the set of his film “Sorry We Missed You” in 2019. (Copyright Joss Barratt)

We should be strengthened by our numbers. We are a lot and they are few“he hammered, saying he”there is hope“.”Hope is when people fight“, he said during his masterclass, where he dialogued with the director of the Institut Lumière Thierry Fremaux and France's deputy insubordinate Clementine Autain.

For this tireless fighter, facing this struggle to lead, “Brexit is a distraction“because”the big problems we know while we are in the European Union, they will always be there when we leave it“.”And if Boris Johnson is Prime Minister, the problems will be even more important“.

The European Union gave the green light on Thursday to a Brexit agreement negotiated just before a European summit, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to fight to get it accepted by his Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party, the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, called on British MPs toto reject“.

While early parliamentary elections are expected to take place in the coming weeks or months in the UK, Ken Loach said the Labor Party “responds to what people need“.”They need a health system, they need secure jobs, they need to know that they can plan a dignified life“, he said.

In Sorry We Missed You, film punch in competition at the last Cannes Film Festival, Ken Loach tells the story of a couple, Ricky and Abby, parents of two children, who work hard without managing to deleverage. Tired of linking poorly paid jobs, Ricky buys a van to become a delivery driver on his own, while being hired by an agency, a job that will put him even more in difficulty.

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The pact

The idea for the film came to Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty as they visited food banks (which provide meals to the poor) for his previous film, Me, Daniel Blake, Cannes Palme d'Or in 2016 .

There were people there who were working, who were not just unemployed people or who lived on the streets, but poor workers“he said.” On realized that two-thirds of new jobs in the last decade were precarious jobs“The story of these jobs,”it's the one we wanted to tell, we felt it was necessary“.

For Ken Loach, eternal defender of the working classes, “a film that is simply propaganda is not a good movie“. But, “there is a link umbilical between the joys, the sorrows and the difficulties of our private life and the economic and social situation in which we find ourselves“, he added. “We can not cut the cord“.


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