Bronte pistachio, the green gold of Sicily

It is called the green gold of Sicily (Italy). This is the pistachio, a unique variety highly appreciated for its taste and fragrance. The Bronte pistachio is still harvested by hand, below the crater of Etna. The trees, unique in the world, grow in a lava flow that dates back to 1646, and the fruits are incredibly fragrant. “The Bronte pistachios is a wonderful thing, a bit like champagne in France”, explains a farmer.

On this difficult ground, the machines do not pass. And if pistachios are so valuable, it's because they are extremely rare. Harvesting takes place only in odd years, buds are sacrificed every other year. Then, the time of the harvest depends only on the know-how and the flair of the local farmers. The sector has obtained a controlled designation of origin (AOC), and excludes any chemical treatment.

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