California barricades against coronavirus

40 million people in California, and soon 40 million people confined. In San Francisco, bridges, neighborhoods are empty, same thing in Los Angeles. Containment cities are nothing new. But here, an entire state will be padlocked. Its governor announced it solemnly Thursday March 19 in the evening: “We have to order the whole of California to keep all of the people at home. And we trust the Californians to respect this order“.

The state relies on the discipline of the Americans, and has not yet scheduled a fine for those who violate the order. “It is necessary given the current state“, says an American. But in Florida, some lack civility. The Spring break is in full swing and in recent days, many young people have not been receptive. Several of them have contracted it in the past 24 hours. The Governor of Florida still refuses confinement.

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