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Black Friday at Casino retailers may be agitated. For good reason, the CGT calls the employees of all the banners of the group in France to go on strike on November 26, during the week of Black Friday, against the “braderie social” to work according to her in the group. Casino, which operates nearly 9,000 stores in France (Monoprix, Casino, Franprix, Leader Price, etc.), announced on August 20 a new phase of asset sales of 2 billion euros after a first wave of 2.5 billion. The group is negotiating with the German Aldi for the 700 Leader Price stores.

CGT unions from across the group, meeting for two days at the headquarters of the plant in Montreuil, decided to organize this national day during the week of promotions associated with Black Friday of November 29. They plan two rallies, one near the Paris offices of the group's CEO, Jean-Charles Naouri, and another in front of a Paris department store. “It does not happen a day without the announcement of a closure or an assignment,” said Sylvie Vachoux, federal secretary of the CGT trade. “Casino wants to keep an image of social showcase and leave others to delete jobs, through the franchise and disposals,” said Jean Pastor, central shop steward at Casino.

A risk of job loss

The group has just sold its maintenance to IBM (Serca) in exchange for a maintenance contract, while IBM is committed to a plan to safeguard the employment of 2,000 jobs by the end of 2020. The negotiation of the The sale of Leader Price in Aldi is a major concern for employees, who fear poorer working conditions and pay and job cuts in areas where the banners compete. “Casino wants to go out of the popular store model, Giant type, Leader Price, and go to the high-end and organic, where margins are higher,” says Jean Pastor.

This “big clearance sale” may leave employees on the floor, especially as the group also accelerates the transition to automatic checkouts, especially for openings on Sunday afternoon, observes the CGT. Despite a condemnation of the subcontractor who “lent” employees for the opening on Sunday in Angers, Casino has announced its intention to continue opening Sunday. “They are forcing the government to change the law,” said Jean-Pastor. “Wherever you can attack, you will attack,” he promised.

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