Catalan protesters dislodged from the A9, traffic is still not restored

Thousands of pro-Catalan protesters are still blocking part of this stretch of highway.

After a day of occupation, protesters pro-Catalonia were expelled from the A9 motorway Perthus (Pyrénées-Orientales) Tuesday, November 12. Catalan separatists were repelled by an operation led by the CRS, the Spanish police (the Guardia Civil) and the Catalan police, according to a journalist from France Blue Roussillon. Among them, 18 Spanish detainees by the French police.

The eviction began at 7:30 am Tuesday morning and ended at mid-day. The police have dislodged hundreds of protesters at the border point. According to the prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales, “This operation conducted in close cooperation with Spain went well, no injuries were reported, 18 Spanish nationals were arrested by the French security forces.”

Traffic, it is still not restored. Road cleaning and repair operations are underway by Vinci Autoroutes. The tracks have been degraded since the protesters occupy the highway since Monday. A stage has even been set up to give concerts in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

The protesters do not give up. The separatists met at 1 pm in the village of La Jonquere to decide what to do next. Initially they had planned to stay on the highway until Wednesday. This blockade is a new protest against the conviction in mid-October of nine Catalan independence leaders to heavy prison terms for their role in the secession attempt of 2017.


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