Centrist party leader Ciudadanos resigns after defeat in elections

Albert Rivera announced he was leaving politics in the aftermath of his party's collapse in the parliamentary elections.

Albert Rivera throws in the towel. The leader of the centrist liberal party Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, announced Monday, November 11, his resignation. While he had 57 deputies last April, the parliamentary elections that were held Sunday in Spain have reported to Ciudadanos only 10 elected.

He also announced his resignation from his position as MP, and his willingness to leave politics. “I wanted to take on all the responsibilities in the first person”, he explained. At 39, he was one of the main figures of Spanish political life, since the violent eruption in 2015 of his party Ciudadanos in the national parliament.

Uncompromising with the Catalan and Basque separatists, liberal in economics, this lawyer by training had taken the leadership of Ciudadanos (“Citizens”) in 2006. He wanted to fight the rise of separatism in Catalonia. He had then arrived on the national political scene with the stated goal of “regenerate” the country, affected by corruption, and to end the socialist-conservative bipartisanship.

The leader of the outgoing socialist government, Pedro Sanchez, won Sunday the fourth general election in four years in Spain. He was however weakened of this election, with 120 seats against 123 in April. On the other hand, the extreme right-wing party Vox has more than doubled its number of seats to 52 out of 350, making it the third party in Spain.


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