Cheap Internet Box: 3 promotion to discover at RED by SFR, Free and Sosh

Looking for a cheap internet box? Several offers are currently on sale: RED by SFR, Free, or Sosh. What make a choice suited to your needs, while achieving savings. Here are three offers that might interest you.

RED by SFR, Free and Sosh operators are currently on sale. Switching to the Internet is easier than you might think: most of the time, commitment to Box offers is only a year and thanks to the 100 euros that almost all operators the cancellation fees you may have to pay to the ISP you leave, you can even afford the luxury of not waiting until the end of the 12 months to go elsewhere. A good reason to be interested in the three offers listed below: not only the 100 euros of refund are in place, but, in addition, the rates are reduced during the first year of subscription. What to save money while meeting your needs.

RED by SFR: 22 € / month with RED box

RED by SFR offers very high speed at 22 euros per month, without tariff evolution after one year and without any commitment. For this rate, you enjoy a download speed of 200 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s. Calls are unlimited to landlines in France and 100 other destinations and until October 28, 2019 unlimited mobile calls are available.

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Sosh: 19 € 99 / month with Sosh Box

The Sosh Box, for its part, is 19.99 euros per month in Fiber and ADSL. The price remains fixed for 12 months and it goes to 29.99 euros per month for Fiber. In very high speed, the connection goes up to 300 Mb / s as well in download as in sending. Calls to landlines in France and more than 100 other destinations are included.

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Free: 14 € 99 / month with the Freebox Mini 4K

Finally, at Free, the Freebox Mini 4K has a good price of 14.99 euros per month for one year, and then costs 34.99 euros per month, fiber and ADSL. If you choose Fiber, you get up to 1 Gb / s download and 600 Mb / s upload. 220 TV channels and unlimited calls to landlines from 110 destinations are included.

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