Children's comics to read during confinement

The bookstores are closed and you are looking for comics to read to your children? You can find a large selection on a platform like Izneo which offers one month of unlimited reading of digital comics. Historical fiction, adventure story, animal tale: here are three comics for children to devour with the family.

Children of the Resistance

This is the youth series of the moment, which will allow you to have fun and educate at the same time during this period of confinement. Since May 2015, the first six volumes of Children of resistance have sold more than 500,000 copies – including 230,000 just for the year 2019.

Imagined by Benoît Ers and Vincent Dugommier, this series tells during the Second World War the adventures of three teenagers who refuse to submit to the enemy. Perfect for students in the end of primary classes, Children of the Resistance allows us to better understand this dark page of our history.

Benoît Ers and Vincent Dugommier paid particular attention to their documentation and even met former resistant children to give a realistic account of the Second World War. Also note that the Lombard editions offer on their site games and educational activities for children – and an online treasure hunt.

The Children of the Resistance, six volumes, Benoît Ers (drawing) and Vincent Dugommier (scenario), Le Lombard, 56 pages.

Two animal tales

Le Temps des mitaines by Loïc Clément and Anne Montel.

The scriptwriter Loïc Clément and the designer Anne Montel are second to none to imagine stories about children's fears. In The Time of the Mittens, little bear Arthur and his friends Pélagie, Kitsu, Gonzague and Willo are investigating the mysterious disappearances of their school friends. A touching universe, with fun and engaging characters and pretty colors. This story which skilfully handles humor and suspense will delight 8-12 year olds.

In Miss charity, From the novel by Marie-Aude Murail, Loïc Clément and Anne Montel recount the adventures of a curious little girl in good English society in the 1880s. In this very busy world, she is encouraged not to make waves and takes refuge in his own world, located on the third floor of his house. There, in the company of her good Tabitha, she trained herself in botany, drawing or even literature to overcome boredom. So much knowledge that will allow him to get out of this golden prison … An album with superb watercolors that will amaze children.

Le Temps des mitaines (Dargaud, 128 pages), Miss Charity (Rue de Sèvres, 120 pages), Loïc Clément & Anne Montel.

Philip Pullman in comics

The Tower of the Angels

Stéphane Melchior and Thomas Gilbert continue their comic book adaptation of The Tower of the Angels, second volume of the famous trilogy At the crossroads by Philip Pullman. After The Northern Kingdoms and its large frozen expanses illustrated by Clément Oubrerie, Thomas Gilbert offers a more urban and more disturbing story. The plot follows two fleeing adolescents. On the one hand, Will Parry is looking for his missing father. On the other, Lyra must go to the Tower of the Angels.

This more realistic suite than the previous volumes still leaves room for the wonderful imagery of the stories of Philip Pullman. Very impressive graphically, this second volume of The Tower of the Angels is full of monstrous characters. However, this masterful tale of adventure is never frightening for children, who will find answers to their deep anxieties and what to wait for while waiting for the new Philip Pullman in September.

La Tour des Anges, two volumes, Stéphane Melchior (script) and Thomas Gilbert (drawing), Gallimard, 88 pages.

The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner

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Other books for children and adolescents to read include Super Groom, fun rereading of Spirou as a superhero by Fabien Vehlmann and Yoann, but also the fantastic series of SF 5 worlds, imagined by the writers Mark and Alexis Siegel and the designers Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller and Boya Sun, and The Castle of the Stars by Alex Alice.


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