Chinese doctors to rescue three countries, for now

Chinese doctors at the bedside of a coronavirus patient, March 6, 2020 in Wuhan (China). (AFP)

The image has toured the world, that of a red airplane from China landing on the tarmac in Rome. Descend from it doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, paramedics. All masked, and all Chinese. It was two days ago.

With Italy being the hardest hit at this point, and with the rest of Europe unable to provide immediate help, Rome accepted the Chinese offer. The plane was also full of tons of materials, including resuscitation, and one of China's foremost specialists in cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, Professor Liang Zongan.

Iran, the second country hit in time by the pandemic, then Iraq, have indeed benefited from Chinese medical aid. Iran was quickly surprised by the number of cases and the speed of the spread, and called for help from Beijing, which immediately responded. Then Baghdad, already in the grip of a major political and social crisis, without government, and with a system of care in apnea, in spite of excellent doctors. Chinese doctors in Iraq, Iran and Italy are also trying to provide advice in terms of team organization and management.

Not everything can be transposed, since China is a country centralized to the extreme, where the population has obeyed strict orders. But it looks like the epidemic is being contained there. The Chinese experience is therefore interesting for the countries entering the most dangerous phases.

For the moment, no doctors from China in France, but a million masks arrived Wednesday at Roissy, and another cargo which must land on Thursday.


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