Cinema weekend. “Hors Norms”, a film cut for success

May 25, 2019 at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. The “Hors Norms” team with Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, Olivier Toledano and Olivier Nakache. (FILMMAGIC / MARC PIASECKI)

They undeniably have a unique talent in France to federate audiences on sensitive topics, without falling into ease and pathos tearful. Olivier Nakache and ÉricToledano have a real know-how, which is due as much to the care taken in writing the screenplay as to a sharp flair, an anticipation of what can please at a given moment.

Out of Standards is therefore the true story of two associations that help autistic people when the authorities let them languish in their suffering. A huge dedication that is free from the rules, which, in France obviously, is problematic.

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The two protagonists of this story, incarnated by Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb, raise mountains, do not care that one is Jewish and the other Arab, and lead this story at a frantic pace, punctuated by tears and laughter the public, because it is obvious that in working with such different beings, transparent in the eyes of ordinary mortals, there are times when we cry but also others, frankly funny and that, the two directors know the filmer .

At 83, this tireless chronicler of social injustice and the decay of the working class in England, continues to pose his camera where triumphant capitalism crushes individuals a little more.

From film to film, the situation darkens. This time Ken Loach looks at what he considers to be a great scam: the dream given to the poor to become their own bosses. In a humble and united family, the father accepts the status of auto-entrepreneur to be a delivery driver on behalf of a rigorously managed platform.

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The illusion does not last long, this man is exhausted with the task, discovers that the dice are piped, and the family life takes a big blow. Ken Loach does not let the slightest trickle of light, he is clearly angry.

We have to be realistic before being optimistic, this is the problem of the center-left in Europe, they say they want change, but they do not change anything and are thoroughly in the business, we do not benefit from helping the people who need it …

Six months after the death of Jean-Pierre Marielle, comes a biography of an actor we miss. Jean-Pierre Marielle, lyric and baroque Stéphane Koechlin published by Rocher, it is the book to read to better know this man more complex than apparently, his career in cinema, theater, his private life, his friends, his passions, and his meetings with Camus, Céline, Jean Anouilh .. .


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