CLARANOVA, the largest decline in the SRD at the close of Thursday, November 7, 2019

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(AOF) – CLARANOVA (-8.96% to 8.33 euros)

The company is sanctioned in the wake of its quarterly activity point. Claranova recorded sales of 69.8 million euros in the first quarter (end of September), an increase of 45%. Excluding the impact of the acquisition of Personal Creations on August 1, 2019, organic growth was 25%, with a negative exchange rate impact of 2%.


Computers – Software publishers

The annual survey of the professional federation Syntec Numérique, whose results were unveiled last October, provides a complete vision of the French sector. The turnover of the industry jumped 12% in 2017 to 15 billion euros. This strong growth is identical to that observed in 2016. The three French software champions (Dassault System, Criteo and Ubisoft) are pulling the results. Nevertheless excluding these three major players, growth remains strong, between 7% and 8%. Growth is well distributed among the different sizes of companies and companies with less than 5 million euros in turnover even record nearly 50% growth over two years. One of the driving forces behind the development of the sector comes from the migration to the on-demand software model, marketed as a cloud service (SaaS for software as a service). This model, which is a revolution in the distribution method, represents 31% of the turnover of the Top 250 in 2017, compared to 26% in 2015. Only downside to the development of the sector: the recurring difficulty to recruit developers.


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