Coco Corona, comedian Camille Lellouche unveils his song on the coronavirus

“Confined, conconconfined, I lost the benchmark of the passing of time, I am no longer in place” … The humorist Camille Lellouche took hold of the coronavirus to deliver a delightful song entitled Coconut corona. She recounts with humor and some freedoms of language what she thinks of covid-19. Spoiler: not only good.

The model of the song, in piano-voice version, published on Camille Lellouche's Instagram account has been viewed almost 3.5 million times. The version posted on YouTube reaches almost 200,000 views.

“I really didn't think of making a buzz at all with this song, explained Camille Lellouche interviewed on Friday on our antenna. I was just thinking of doing people good and expressing my anger, my nervousness. My only means of expression – in all the one that came to me in the most natural way – was to sing it, says the former candidate of The Voice. It has taken on an incredible scale and I am very happy that it is like a hymn of containment. “ [/ embed]

“While waiting for the sound to be on the platforms, I am putting the sound to you with the small house clip, made live, last night at 2 am, excluded for the people who were there, there were between 7 and 8,000 people. I put it on YouTube. I can't wait for you to listen to it. Don't hesitate to dance to it. Dancers go ahead, singers too. Send me your videos, “he said. she explained in an Instagram story.

Bring joy to people

“This is a period which is very hard for everyone, she still says on BFMTV, and our duty to us artists, comedians, singers is to bring joy to people. that's why I'm going to release this song, so they can listen to it properly. ”

Showing his support for the nursing staff, and all those who have to go out for their work, Camille Lellouche also expressed her incomprehension in the face of “the selfishness or the unconsciousness of certain people. I find it sad that the message does not get through not”.


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