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Sophie Lévy-Ayoun / Capital

The hangover of the day could be pushed by employees who became part-time workers and who had to repay a mortgage. Some borrowers are concerned that they may have difficulty paying their installments. If the latter thought they would take advantage of the job loss guarantee subscribed to in their loan insurance, they will be disappointed: this optional guarantee will not help them, since it generally only covers situations of economic redundancies. Partial unemployment, like resignation, contractual termination or the end of a fixed-term contract, is therefore not affected. Be aware that this guarantee turns out to be very often useless, even brokers not advising it. “These guarantees are very expensive and have very strict conditions” concedes spokesperson for the broker Meilleurtaux to Capital.

The figure of the day: 90 days. This is the new deadline for motorists to pay or contest a fine. And yes, despite the confinement, the radars continue to flash. However, a fixed fine must be paid within 45 days, or 60 days online, after the date of issue of the notice of contravention. If this is not the case, the amount is increased and the invoice can become very salty. Currently, French people confined far from home, in their second home in particular, cannot consult their mail and therefore take note of a possible verbalization. To prevent them from being unfairly penalized, the government exceptionally extends the period for payment and contestation of fines from 45 to 90 days. “This concerns all tickets issued from March 12, 2020,” said Road Safety.

Practical information Capital. Good news for retired healthcare professionals returning to work during the Covid-19 epidemic. These doctors or nurses find themselves in a situation of cumulative retirement employment. However, this one meets strict rules. Fortunately, pension insurance has just put in place a temporary derogation device. It is expected that all retirees who continue or resume paid employment under the general scheme in a health establishment can do so without delay, including with their former employer. They will thus be able to benefit from the cumulative total retirement employment, without any conditions. We hope this encourages these former caregivers to join their colleagues engaged in the fight against the coronavirus.

We finish with the announcement of the Elysée Palace. In the evening, this Wednesday, the presidency announced that the confinement of the French “will be extended” beyond April 15. Emmanuel Macron will speak Monday evening shortly after 8 p.m. to present his decisions regarding the fight against the coronavirus epidemic for the next few weeks. The new duration of confinement has not yet been announced but the subject should be raised by the Head of State during his speech on Easter Monday.

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