confusion in Roissy after the suspension of travel to the United States from Europe because of the coronavirus

While Donald Trump has decided to suspend for 30 days all foreign travel from Europe to the United States because of the Covid-19 epidemic, and even if American and British citizens are not affected, many have chosen to hasten their departure.

Terminal 2 in the Air France check-in area. A small queue, a few dozen people, do not panic, but sometimes Americans, worried, quickly informed. “French travelers are strongly advised not to go to the United States, says Amandine, supervisor at Air France. They are advised to return home and priority is given to American residents who must be returned to their country. “

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Many American tourists who fear being trapped in Europe rushed Thursday to several European airports to return to the country, after the surprise announcement of Donald Trump to prohibit the entry of the United States to Europeans to stem the coronavirus.

What shake up Mary's plans. Originally from Connecticut, she was visiting a friend in Paris. She was to leave Monday for New York. As a precaution, she flies away today: she explains that her mother is sick, she does not want to take any risks and wants to go back immediately. His mother called him at three in the morning to tell him to come back.

It is still a bad decision by Donald Trump. Anyway, do you understand anything about what he decides? Nothing. The virus is everywhere. It happened here at home. He is everywhere…Maryat franceinfo

And then there are all these French people who had planned a trip to the United States, who find themselves stranded at Roissy, frustrated like Emmanuel and Virginie, from Boulogne-sur-Mer.

“We were going to New York for five days, fulminates Virginia. Well, it's annoying: it's where we repay a trip when returning by London, and it's an additional cost. Or at least get my hotel reimbursed. For the moment, they don't know how to give me an answer. We can leave, but we're not sure we can come back. With Air France, we don't come back. “

“It's Trump, it's stupid, indignant Emmanuel. We can't leave from Europe but we can leave from Great Britain? It makes no sense…” The ban for travelers from Europe does not concern the United Kingdom, which is not in the Schengen area. “Now, in fact, there is no coronavirus in England a priori, according to Donald Trump, who is an expert in the matter …”, quips Emmanuel.

Officially Americans and permanent residents will be able to continue to travel between Europe and the United States, but the United States Department of Homeland Security specifies that they must accept to be examined on departure or on arrival. Airlines still need to maintain flights to these destinations.

Confusion at Roissy after Trump's suspension of foreign travel to the United States due to the coronavirus – report Benjamin Illy


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