construction waste can have a second life


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
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The government is currently working on a polluter pays law to ensure that the building sector assumes its responsibilities, namely the tons of waste generated by construction sites. Some professionals have already changed the way they work. They recover the materials to give them a second life. Christophe Gilles, manager of the Algovital laboratory, notably spotted a door in an old office. It will cost him 20 times less than a new product.

228 million tonnes of waste produced per year

A nice gesture for his wallet and for the environment made possible by Corentin Le Faucheur, director of Backacia operations. Its role is to identify sites and organize the removal of elements on the website and their site. “This site is used to do the intermediary is a tool that we use to link the owner of the seller and the artisan buyer”, he confides. Per year, construction waste is in the order of 228 million tonnes.

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