containment is not yet bearing fruit, and is hardening

The latest assessment in Italy linked to the Covid-19 epidemic is really worrying. “It is appalling this figure: 475 additional deaths since yesterday. 2,978 people have died since the start of the crisis in Italy. Suffice to say that tomorrow (Thursday March 19) or the day after tomorrow, Italy will overtake China in number of victims“, alarms the journalist Alban Micokzy in duplex from Rome.

The government plans to go a little further in containment measures: finish the walks to go walk your dog, finish the walks to go jogging, finish all the walks. Now, if you go out, it's really for good reason. In Lombardy, the president of the region even plans to use mobile phones to locate people who leave their homes, and to get them to get a ticket immediately“, specifies the journalist.


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