containment measures are slow to be implemented

The Franceinfo permanent correspondent is currently in Italy and notes that quarantine is slowly taking place.

In Italy, the authorities have decided to take drastic measures to combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. And this while more than a hundred cases have been identified, mainly in Lombardy. The President of the Council announced on Saturday evening that the 11 affected municipalities, located south of Milan, would be confined: “Neither entry nor exit will be permitted unless there is a special exemption”, said Giuseppe Conte. However, on the spot, the Franceinfo reporter noted that these measures were not yet in place.

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A total of 50,000 people are theoretically affected by the containment measures. This is particularly the case in the city of Casalpusterlengo. On the spot, for the moment, neither the riflemen, nor the firemen have received any instruction to prohibit the entry or the exit of the commune of 15,000 inhabitants. No roadblocks were found at the entrance to the city.

And if the measures promised by the government have not yet been implemented, the inhabitants are already making their arrangements. Thus, many of them go to the carabinieri to ask them for an exceptional exit permit. And for good reason, the Italian executive has promised heavy sanctions: a fine of 600 euros and even prison for those who cross the roadblocks.

In the streets of Casalpusterlengo, there is no sign of panic. The population has not fallen into psychosis, although some are lining up to buy food. Bars, restaurants, markets, all public places except a few supermarkets are closed. Some residents wear masks, others could not get them, due to the lack of available stocks.

On the door of the town hall, a sign indicates that, as a precaution, its services will be closed to the public until Tuesday. But, on site, everyone already knows that most public places will not reopen for another 15 days.


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