Coronavirus: 3,491 new cases in Italy and 683 dead in the last 24 hours

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, Italy has recorded 74,386 cases. This Wednesday, the country counts new 683 dead in the last 24 hours, 60 less than the day before (743), according to figures released by civil protection on Wednesday. The country also counts 3491 more positive cases than the day before yesterday, a figure also down since Tuesday, 3612 additional patients had been declared.

The curve has tended to drop since March 21, and 1086 people have so far been healed. But the toll remains heavy with a total of 7503 deaths in Italy from the start of the epidemic.

“Constant growth slowdown”

Lombardy, in the north of the country, remains the most affected region with 4,474 deaths (+296 in 24 hours), followed by Emilia-Romagna (Bologna region, north) with 1,077 deaths. Lombardy, which includes Milan, is also the region with the highest number of cases, 32,346 registered out of 74,386 for the whole country, according to civil protection figures.

“We are rather in line with the previous days, so this feeling of slowing of the growth of cases can be described as constant,” commented the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana Facebook. “It is very important, but we must absolutely not let go,” he warned.

According to a study by the National Research Council (CNR), 57 of the 107 Italian departments have reached the peak of growth of the epidemic. This is particularly the case for ten of the twelve Lombard departments, including that of Milan. According to the researcher Giovanni Sebastiani, quoted in the study, “the 57 departments showing the peak of growth are in all the regions of the country (…) and this is undoubtedly a positive datum”.

To be careful”

“These data comfort us because they mean that containment measures are obtaining the desired effect, even if we are in an initial phase of reduction, so we can speak of a trend, but we must be careful “

If they remain cautious, doctors and scientists are calling for continued efforts, while some 60 million Italians are in their third week of confinement. “The slowdown in the speed of growth is an extremely positive factor. In some regions, we are close to the point of fall of the curve and the peak could therefore be reached this week, then fall,” said his side on Radio Capitale the Deputy Director General of the World Health Organization, Ranieri Guerra. “What we are waiting for is to see the curve descend more quickly during these 5-6 days,” he added.


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