Coronavirus: “50 to 70%” of French people will be “probably” contaminated, says Jean-Michel Blanquer

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Coronavirus: “50 to 70%” of French people will be “probably” contaminated, says Jean-Michel Blanquer

More than half of French people will “probably” end up having coronavirus. This was assured by Jean-Michel Blanquer this Sunday, March 15 in the morning on Franceinfo. The minister answered a question about the drastic reinforcement of containment measures announced Saturday evening by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, after the transition to phase 3 of prevention against the coronavirus in France. All non-essential public places have been closed since midnight on Saturday except pharmacies, food stores, tobacconists, banks or service stations.

“As you know, from the start, the strategy has not been to prevent the virus from passing – we know that it will probably pass through more than half of us – but it is to make sure that it passes as spread out as possible over time, “said the minister. Jean-Michel Blanquer nevertheless wished to put his words into perspective by ensuring that he was talking about potentially contaminated people but not those, much less numerous, in whom the virus takes serious forms.

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“We consider, and here I am only repeating what the scientists say, that 50 to 70% of the population in the end ends up being contaminated by the virus, and it is moreover that which puts an end to the virus since it creates a form of majority immunity, and therefore the virus dies out by itself “, concluded Jean-Michel Blanquer at the microphone of Franceinfo.

4,500 proven cases in France, including 300 “serious”

As a reminder, the Ministry of Health communicated this Saturday March 14 in the evening a new assessment of the epidemic of coronavirus reporting 4,500 proven cases in France, including 300 “serious” in intensive care “and 91 deaths. affected which doubled in 72 hours.


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