Coronavirus: alarmed by a neighbor's cough, passengers ask that the plane land urgently

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As Covid-19 spreads around the world, so does anxiety and paranoia. It is a surreal scene that was played on Sunday March 8 on a United Airlines flight. A small group of passengers alarmed by the sneezing and coughing of one of their neighbors, fearing that he was carrying the new coronavirus, protested so much that their flight ended up landing to let them out. The flight was to connect Sunday afternoon the county of Eagle, in the Colorado (west), with Newark on the east coast of the United States, the company told AFP.

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Faced with the protest of these worried passengers, the plane finally made an unexpected stopover in Denver, during which three passengers left the plane, before continuing its journey. The company told local media that it was “in no way a medical emergency” but an incident involving passengers who feared being infected by another traveler who sneezed and coughed. This traveler, who was examined during the Denver stopover, simply suffered from allergies, had no fever and was therefore able to stay on board. Three people complaining about his presence, however, preferred to disembark and continue their journey by other means, said the Denver police.

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Suspicions of coronavirus multiplying in planes. On Sunday, an Easyjet flight, which was to connect Porto to Lyon, was forced to land in Toulouse because of a passenger in respiratory distress. Taken in charge at the CHU to carry out tests there, the passenger was ultimately negative for the Covid-19.


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