Coronavirus: Britain confines itself

Friday March 20, London (UK) was silent. In this weekend eve, only the buses are running. Customers empty their last pints and welcome the government's decision to close all bars and restaurants with philosophy at spread of Covid-19. “It is the right decision. We must close “, assures a client. “It's our last drink before a long time but we have to do it”, confirms another client.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson surprised everyone on Friday by shutting down all non-essential businesses. “We tell cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants as soon as they can reasonably not open. A deposit immediately implemented by the owners of the pubs. All public places are closed. The next step couldbe containment for all? “It is difficult to see how this confinement order could not be reached even if Boris Johnson was slow to make the right decisions. He was on a different strategy a few days ago (…) but faced with the increasing number of cases, he reviewed his copy “, analyzes journalist Arnaud Comte, live from London.


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