Coronavirus: Chinese diet under pressure

An army of doctors, soldiers, mobilized night and day on the front of the coronavirus. This time, Chinese television channels were given the green light by the authorities to broadcast these images, talk about the virus, and above all show how the central government is responding to the crisis. Once the quarantine of Wuhan (China) was decreed, Beijing wanted to ensure the total mobilization of the state. Until sending, rare thing, the Prime Minister to Wuhan.

Mask on the mouth, in contact with the sick, the signal is intended to be strong. For the Chinese president, the challenge is twofold: to show internally and externally that he is capable of handling a potentially explosive situation. He therefore plays on communication with a desire for transparency, but with its limits. Foreign journalists are, for example, not allowed to go to hospitals to testify about the situation and unanswered questions around the late triggering of the alert.

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