Coronavirus: Chinese optimism

China has come a long way. It must be said that she started from a blank page facing this virus of which we knew nothing and faced all the darkest stages of this health war for which she could not be prepared. Barely a month ago, thousands of people were infected every day and hundreds of deaths were reported every day.“, details Arnauld Miguet, France Télévisions special envoy to Wuhan, Friday March 13.

“The epidemic is now under control”

At present, China seems to see the end of the tunnel. “The epidemic is now under control at the cost of draconian measures. The country, stopped since the end of January, resumed activity this week. Chinese industry is again starting to turn everywhere except Wuhan. Victory will be the liberation of this city cut off from the world for 52 days“, continues Anauld Miguet.


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