Coronavirus: confined but hyperactive influencers

Many influencers take advantage of the obligation to stay at home to address a huge audience of young people locked up at home, sharing their daily lives even more than normal.

Some tell their experience as close to the virus as the German Carolin Lauffenburger. The husband of this fashion blogger tested positive for coronavirus after fever and chest pain. The couple answered many questions on Instagram about the disease, from initial contamination to treatment. The blogger called on her 100,000 subscribers to “not be the generation that prefers temporary freedom to the well-being of all!”.

“A bad dream”

New York influencer Arielle Charnas also shared everything on Instagram, from her first symptoms and pains to the virus-positive test, with the support and advice of her 1.1 million subscribers.

“I am happy that the fever has passed but I am feeling more pain today than ever,” she testified on Instagram on Tuesday, announcing that she will no longer communicate about her illness. “I feel like we are all having a bad dream, but I am determined to bring some normalcy back to our lives.”

Live Videos and Humor

Many other influencers, stranded at home, without an appointment or traveling in prospect, have come online in recent days to stay in touch with their audience, sharing their daily lives and “containment tutorials”. By logging into Instagram on Tuesday evening, Panayotis Pascot met live in front of 2,000 spectators, gathered in a few seconds.

“We eat raspberry pim's, we watch (the series of zombies) The Walking Dead, a very bad idea “, explained the humorist to his subscribers who asked him how he lived confinement.

The French influencer Jeremstar has for his part multiplied the short videos showing his astonishment in front of the closed shops, and his nostalgia for those things that he will not see “more for 45 days”, like a pedestrian crossing.

“I take pleasure in being ugly, not preparing myself, styling my hair,” he said on Tuesday evening on Instagram, then preparing to gain “29 kilos” by licking an ice cream cone at four in the morning.

For this frequent user of Instagram and Tik Tok, confinement is an opportunity to reinforce his “digital catalog of good humor and humor”, with many videos shot indoors or in deserted streets.

Instagram editor EmmaCakeCup has also multiplied the videos, ensuring that there was no need to stock up, but worried about her parents who will “have no more food in 15 days”. As for EnjoyPhoenix, whose real name is Marie Lopez, she posed on her sofa and recalled the importance of staying at home and limiting your outings.

Pools and home sports classes

Many users of social networks have also multiplied the advice, summaries on the poster of illustrator Mathieu Persan: “Stay at home”.

“Avoid running in the park, don't be selfish during this time!” launched on Monday the queen of Italian influencers, Chiara Ferragni, while her husband rapper Fedez organized concerts online and from her Milanese balcony. Together, they also launched a kitty to raise funds to help Milan San Raffaele Hospital fight coronavirus. Over 4 million euros have already been raised.

Fitness star on YouTube TiboInShape, sorry that the weight rooms are closed, gives daily tips for staying (very) fit at home, between exercise and diet.

As for the Youtuber Lena Mahfouf, aka Léna Situations, she shared a selfie with her boyfriend the Youtuber Seb La Frite in order to warn against false information circulating. “Listen only to the official information. Please do not broadcast the fake news of your aunt pharmacist's friend's friends,” she said, recalling: “Do not do like us in these photos, keep a meter away. “

To reach this young audience, the World Health Organization also went to Tik tok, with the #SafeHands campaign. Between two jokes and three choreographies, personalities like the singer Mariah Carey show (in music) that you have to wash your hands at least for 40 seconds. On each video that refers to the coronavirus, the platform also offers users to consult reliable sources, between WHO, governments and the media.


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