Coronavirus: declining blood donation

Empty armchairs. Since Monday March 9, in a center of Paris, blood donors have become scarce. A situation that surprises a regular. “I have rarely, unfortunately, seen so few people in this center because I have been coming for several years and it is extremely rare that I am alone as now“, she explains. According to the French Blood Establishment, blood drives have dropped by 10% on average across the country for more than a week.

For the moment, no shortage. But we must remain vigilant. “If donors continue not to show up and there are fewer donations in the coming days, there is a risk of having fewer products for the patients than having to transfuse“, emphasizes Dr Geneviève Woimant, head of the French Blood Establishment. With the spread of Covid-19, some companies have also decided to cancel their blood collection as a precautionary measure.

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