Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron visits a mask factory in Maine-et-Loire

The President of the Republic wants the mask production rates to go up again. He therefore went to the Kolmi-Hopen company, which manufactures masks in Angers (Maine-et-Loire), on Tuesday, March 31. “It is not trivial if we saw Emmanuel Macron in protective gear walking between the machines. He chose to visit a manufacturer that has metamorphosed since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. Production will be tripled this year. We work there 24 hours a day and 35 CDDs have been recruited ”, explains journalist Benjamin Delombres live from Angers.

By going to the Kolmi-Hopen factory, Emmanuel Macron wants according to his relatives “pay tribute to French industry”. “French industry is fighting and mobilizing in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. What is noteworthy is that in addition to this factory, the three other French mask manufacturers are also increasing in power: 40 million units should be produced in April. But that’s not enough, that’s why the government ordered a billion masks from China a few days ago ”, concludes the journalist.

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