Coronavirus: Europe in slow motion

Madrid, the Spanish capital, is idling. The streets are deserted and traffic is almost zero in the center of Madrid. With more than 120 Covid-19 dead, Spain will declare a state of emergency on Saturday March 14. Schools and universities are stopped, cafes and restaurants close their terrace. Belgium goes even further. Meetings will soon be banned. Schools, cafes and restaurants will be closed next week to prevent contamination.

In Italy, where Covid-19 killed more than 1,200 people, the first medical reinforcements arrived from China. Millions of masks and artificial respirators have been delivered. “In these moments of great stress and great difficulty, it is a relief to see this material arrive”, explains Francesco Rocca, head of the Italian Red Cross. All of Italy is now under cover. In Florence, you have to respect a distance of one meter between each customer for shopping.

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