Coronavirus: Europe is cloistered

In Spain, four municipalities in Catalonia have been placed in quarantine. The comings and goings of the 70,000 inhabitants concerned are controlled. In the peninsula, cases are increasing at an exponential rate. There are more than 3,000 patients and 84 dead. Decontamination of public transport, closure of all schools. As of Monday March 16, 10 million students will have to stay at home.

Many monuments are closed, such as the Prado Museum in Madrid (Spain) or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Belgium has at least 556 cases. The government has decided to cancel all cultural activities and close cafes, restaurants and nightclubs until April 3. Italians learn to live confined. On Thursday March 12, a special flight from China arrived. Nine Covid-19 experts arrived with several tonnes of medical aid to help the European country most affected by the epidemic.

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