Coronavirus: France in stage 3

“This Saturday, March 14, France has 4,500 cases of which 91 fatal and 300 serious cases are in intensive care. Health professionals and the health reserve are on full alert. Now, with stage 3, only serious cases could be Others would be invited to stay at home or treated on an outpatient basis “, details Lise Vogel, journalist, on the 11pm set.

In view of the evolution of the situation, the transition to stage 3 seemed inevitable. “We were already in stage 3 for a while. The virus is circulating in the Oise, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in Brittany, in Corsica … Now, the French had to realize the situation and the need to respect barrier measures “, analyzes doctor Jean-Paul Hamon, president of the Federation of the doctors of France.


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