Coronavirus: has China lied about the number of deaths?

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to grow around the world, questions are beginning to surface. Has China concealed the reality of the epidemic that started in Wuhan? The echoes notes that the controversy has swelled since the publication by the Chinese media Caixin hundreds of ballot boxes lined up on the floor in one of the city's eight salons. According to Chinese media, 3,500 ballot boxes were waiting to be recovered by the families of the deceased in Wuhan. The media notes that the previous week, 2,500 would have been delivered. Therefore a single funeral home in the city would happily exceed the number of 2,535 dead officially announced by the authorities in Wuhan.

Also in France, several doctors have started to cast doubt on the real figures of the epidemic in China. On Europe 1, Karine Lacombe, head of the infectious diseases department at the Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris wondered: “When we saw the number of deaths in Italy and China, we thought that there were a lot of things hidden in China. ” There is also data concerning the termination of telephone lines, with massive terminations of tens of thousands of lines, she added. Indeed, one can well wonder. “

However, for the moment there is nothing to certify with certainty that the official statistics given by China have been manipulated.


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