Coronavirus in Italy: the epidemic at its peak

There were 627 deaths in 24 hours in Italy. “It has made more than 4,000 deaths since the start of the crisis and it was less than a month ago. Tonight, the Italians are stunned. However, in the big cities, they respect the measures of containment in particular in Milan for example which is affected this evening, the north of the city “, explains journalist Alban Mikoczy live from Rome in Italy.

“Italy is France in 10 days, and mistakes are made in cash. 15 days ago, when the confinement started in Milan, people started to leave their homes, they went to their family, in Rimini for example on the side, and now there are a lot of cases in Rimini. The chief medical officer from Wuhan came as backup, since 50 Chinese doctors are serving in Chinese hospitals. He told the Italians “this confinement what is not for laughs'. He is very surprised to see that public transport still works in Italy“continues the journalist.

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