Coronavirus: Italy calls for help

More than a thousand patients are placed on an artificial respirator. Italian hospitals are overwhelmed by an uninterrupted flow of life-threatening patients due to the Covid-19 epidemic. But they lack beds, equipment and medicine. Doctors across the country are asking Italians not to leave their homes. “Trust me, it's anything but a flu“says a doctor.”It’s very hard for us. Staying at home will limit contagion and allow us to rescue as many people as possible.“, specifies another doctor.

This week, the Italian government recalled 20,000 retired doctors. But this is not enough. The health system is saturated. Emergency physician Francesca Mangiatordi called for help on Italian television. “We are at the maximum of our physical and mental capacities. Help us ! The hospitals have reached saturation point. We can no longer respond to this emergency“, she said. In Italian hospitals, concern is mounting because doctors are seeing more and more infected people arriving.

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