Coronavirus: looking for a vaccine

In a secure laboratory at the Institut Pasteur (Paris), the researchers' top priority is to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. “We are in an environment where we do cell culture. So we have to protect the cells, and we, from the experiments we're going to do“explains researcher Thimothée Bruel. For him, every day is a race against time.

Since December, the young researcher has observed the evolution of human cells in contact with Covid-19. “We prepare the cells in advance, and then we go to the laboratory which is more secure. We add the virus, and that allows us to study how quickly it replicates, and how much it will kill the cells. By understanding how it replicates, we can anticipate weaknesses, and in particular identify targets and then make vaccines“, he reveals. Understanding the behavior of the virus is therefore his goal to help develop a vaccine quickly.

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