Coronavirus: the health reserve mobilized in the Haut-Rhin

In the main call control room of the Samu (15) of the Mulhouse hospital (Haut-Rhin), up to twenty people work there at the best hours. A second unit of ten regulators operates in parallel. A service that had to be urgently reinforced. In early March, the Covid-19 epidemic overwhelmed him in 48 hours. “There was a very broad call for solidarity which was made. Doctors from all departments of the hospital come to strengthen us daily, but also retired doctors, liberal doctors and doctors from other establishments in the department “, explains Marc Noizet, chief of emergencies and Samu 68.

Students have also been trained, such as medical interns in the emergency department. “We come to lend a hand as we want, as we can”, one of them testifies. In case of mild symptoms, it is now advisable to contact your doctor to relieve the call control center of 15, regularly saturated.

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