Coronavirus: the Tour de France 2020 in danger?

A month of July without Tour de France would be unprecedented“, underlines the journalist Grégory Naboulet from the France 3 plateau. It’s good however that is likely to happen, when most of the sporting events are canceled, Covid-19 obliges.The format of the Tour doesn't really stick with social distancing. The Tour is 4,500 people every day, runners, teams, organizers, caravans …, remember the journalist.

The police are also present during the Tour de France. According to Grégory Naboulet, “29,000 gendarmes and police are mobilized along the route and above all 10 to 12 million spectators are present.On the side of the organizers of the Tour de France, “the issue of a postponement or cancellation has not yet been officially on the agenda“.

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