Coronavirus: the United States barricades itself

In Roissy (Val-d'Oise), many Americans are in the queues, Thursday March 12. They try by all means to return home and start a race against the clock before the closing of the American borders, from Friday, at midnight, to foreigners from the Schengen area. “We had to stay in Europe for three weeks, but we're going home. We don't want to risk being in quarantine, or getting stuck here longer than expected”, explains an American.

For French tourists, the dream of a trip to the United States flies away: impossible for them to leave, at the risk of being blocked for 30 days on American soil. Donald Trump took everyone by surprise with his announcement on Wednesday evening. “To prevent new Covid-19 cases from entering the country, I will suspend all flights from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days”, he said. All Schengen countries are targeted. The United Kingdom is not affected.

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