Coronavirus: the world closes, China lives again

The streets of Madrid (Spain) are empty on Saturday March 14. Curtains are drawn over bars and restaurants. The few passers-by to venture outside understood the urgency of the situation. “The truth is that it is necessary. It is the only way to stop the spread of the virus, even if I am worried about the economy”, explains a resident. In the evening, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, whose wife tested positive for Covid-19, announced the general confinement of the whole country.

Poland has closed its borders. No foreigner can enter it. All international flights and trains have been suspended. All of Europe, the new epicenter of the disease, is barricading itself. In the United States, there is no containment yet, but worried locals are flocking to supermarkets. The queues are getting longer. In New Zealand, an ocean liner has been quarantined. China has started a long return to normal. Some museums have reopened, despite drastic measures. According to Chinese authorities, the disease is almost no longer progressing.

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