Cyprien Verseux: alone in Antarctica


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“I hope there will be a bit more drastic measures taken.” The observation is final for the astrobiologist and glaciologist Cyprien Verseux when asked what inspires him in the work of climate policies. During his year as a manager of the Concordia base the observation is clear: “We don't see the change at Concordia. But there are projects like the Epica project, where researchers have taken snow up to three kilometers deep and we see that the CO2 levels have never been as high high. ”

A disturbing finding

“The ice pack is forming and melting every year, in fact, what is alarming is that there is less and less on average,” He continues. However, he does not want to be alarmist about the heat records recorded on the continent and explains precisely these figures: “Antarctica is very large, there are peninsulas where temperatures are sometimes positive, but in Concordia, on hot days it was minus 25 degrees.”

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