Cyril Hanouna would have lowered his tariff for “Ce soir chez Baba”

“We will not let you go.” This is what Cyril Hanouna announced on March 17 live from his home. In the wake of the containment measures announced by Emmanuel Macron, the host made the decision not to “jeopardize” his team, he said on Twitter. He thus replaced his flagship show “Touche pas à mon poste” by “Ce soir chez Baba”, broadcast from Monday to Thursday on C8. The principle ? Cyril Hanouna, alone in his living room, answers calls and messages from viewers, being filmed by two cameras placed at his home.

If we believe The Parisian, it would be a good deal for C8. Cyril Hanouna is said to have decided to “significantly reduce the price of his program” according to daily reports. The price of this “low cost TPMP” is not specified. Two years ago, the host assured on air that an episode of his flagship show cost 90,000 euros to produce, according to Telestar. “Obviously,‘ Tonight at Baba ’is much cheaper than‘ TPMP ’. Today, the show is profitable ”, explains to Parisian Franck Appietto, the general manager of C8, without giving more details on the sums of money in question.

“Daily” on break

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The audiences for this program are far from those recorded by TPMP in normal times. According to Puremedia, “Baba” thus gathered only 800,000 viewers Tuesday, March 24, for example. By way of comparison, “Quotidien”, the program by Yann Barthès broadcast on TMC with which “TPMP” is sometimes shoulder to shoulder usually on this time slot, succeeded in bringing together more than 2 million people in front of their screens on Thursday 26 March explains Puremedia always. Despite excellent audiences, “Daily” will however be paused for a week from Monday, March 30 to allow its teams to “breathe”, says Le Parisien.

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