Death at 89 years of Lucia Bosé, one of the muses of Antonioni, Buñuel and Fellini

According to various local media, the death of Lucia Bosé was due to pneumonia.

The Italian actress Lucia Bosé, who illustrated herself in the cinema in films by Antonioni, Buñuel and Fellini, died on March 23 at 89 years old in Spain, where she lived, announced her son, the artist Miguel Bosé, lhimself a successful singer and renowned actor.Dear friends … I announce to you that my mother Lucia Bosé has just died“He wrote on his Twitter account. According to various local media, the death of Lucia Bosé is due to pneumonia, while Spain is currently one of the countries in the world most affected by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Lucia Bosè at the Rome film festival in October 2019. (LUCA CARLINO / NURPHOTO)

Lucia Bosé is gone“, wrote the former president of the Cannes Festival, Gilles Jacob, speaking on Twitter”a very beautiful little Milan pastry chef with big sad eyes“, who won a beauty contest in 1947, before to rank among the sought-after actresses of Italian cinema by turning with Antonioni, Bardem, Buñuel , Fellini and Duras.

Two months after meeting him, Lucia Bosé had married in 1955 in Las Vegas one of the greatest bullfighters of the 20th century, the Madrid matador Luis-Miguel Dominguin. The bullfighter and the actress had three children: Miguel Bosé, business manager Lucia Dominguin and actress Paola Dominguín. Their separation in 1967 had been widely publicized.

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Born in Milan in 1931, Lucia Bosé distinguished herself in 1950 in Bloody easter, drama by Giuseppe De Santis on the agricultural problems of Italy and its region of Ciociaria, as well as in the first fiction feature film by Michelangelo Antonioni, Chronicle of a love. In 1956, she interpreted Clara, the young woman with whom a doctor fell in love, in the sentimental drama It's called the dawn by Luis Buñuel, after the novel by Emmanuel Roblès. Alongside Jeanne Moreau, she is one of the two women at the center of the film Nathalie Granger (1972), directed by French novelist Marguerite Duras. In 1987, she appeared in the cast of Chronicle of a death foretold by Francesco Rosi, based on the novel by Gabriel García Marquez.


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