Deconfinement: Dordogne, Germany, Spain … the dreaded scenarios of the return to containment

After 55 days under cover, Monday will be the day of the long-awaited outing. And that of all dangers. Failed deconfinement could lead to a second wave of contamination while resuscitation services have struggled so far, at the cost of immense fatigue, and even the lives of some caregivers.

However, the relaxation is already being felt. An outbreak of contamination was detected in Dordogne, on April 30, after a funeral. Despite the confinement still in force, dozens of people would then have met at the funeral home and during a family reunion, tells France Bleu.

“This is really an illustration of what we do not want to live in the coming weeks,” recalled the prefect of Dordogne, Frédéric Périssat, on local radio, alerting to the risks linked to relaxation.

Scientists also warn of the approach of May 11. “We must beware of thinking that everything is settled, that there is no longer any need to wash our hands, that we can kiss, etc.”, recalled on Franceinfo the virologist Marie-Paule Kieny, member of the Research Analysis and Expertise Committee responsible for advising the government.

To avoid a new outbreak of the epidemic, “it is imperative” that people “apply barrier gestures, that is to say that they move from confinement at home to confinement on oneself, thinking that oneself -Even we must protect ourselves, we must protect others “, insisted this former Assistant Director-General of WHO.

An explosive situation

With our European neighbors, we are already worried. Monday, May 4, Italy began a cautious deconfinement. But the images of Milanese strolling along the canals or taking an aperitif in the sun were controversial. For the renowned virologist, Massimo Galli, la situation “is a bit of a bomb”. Many infected people still circulate in this region.

In Spain, where confinement has been very strict, the two main cities of the country have to slow down their deconfinement. Unlike the other regions, Madrid and Barcelona will not advance to the next phase. As of May 2, the Spaniards were authorized to play sports and to walk. In the big cities, many inhabitants had gone out to get some fresh air, sometimes in groups.

A German canton looks back on deconfinement

In Germany, we are completely backtracking. Just two days after the announcement of a gradual return to normal, a canton had to reintroduce containment on Friday.

A major Covid-19 outbreak was started in Coesfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, in a meat processing plant. More than 100 of the 1,200 employees were infected. The facilities were temporarily closed and the deconfinement measures postponed to May 18.

Also worrying: in the east, in the canton of Greiz, several homes for the elderly have experienced an outbreak of contamination. It also risks partial reconfiguration. “To be clear: we are not going to quarantine the whole canton,” said its leader Martina Schweinsburg, but two small towns particularly affected could be affected.


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