Democratic candidate Joe Biden says black is “not black” if he thinks he will vote Trump

Donald Trump's rivalry in November, Joe Biden was charged with racism after a controversial statement launched on a radio show.

New controversy in the American presidential campaign. Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden was charged with racism on Friday May 22 by rival Donald Trump's team after telling a radio host that he was “not black” if he was thinking of voting for the Republican president in November.

The former American vice-president, 77, gave an interview to Charlamagne Tha God, a personality who co-presents a popular New York radio program, “The Breakfast Club”, broadcast on Friday. When Joe Biden said that he had to end the interview, after some 17 minutes, the host replied: “Look, you have to come see us when you come to New York, VP Biden (…). We have more questions” before the presidential election of November 3. “Do you have more questions? I'll tell you, if you have a problem deciding whether you are for me or for Trump, then you are not Black”replied the former vice-president of Barack Obama.

Donald Trump's team called this exchange “disgusting” on Twitter, and the son of the Republican billionaire, Donald Trump Junior, claimed that Joe Biden had “a disgusting and dehumanizing racist mentality”. Tim Scott, the only black Republican senator, responded by pointing out that “1.3 million black Americans have already voted for Trump in 2016. This morning Joe Biden told all of us that we were 'not Black'”. “I could say that I am surprised but unfortunately that corresponds to the tendency of the democrats to think that the voices of the Blacks are won in advance and to intimidate those who do not agree,” he added.

An argument that could hit home with some black voters who regret that in 2016, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton thought their voices were right “won in advance” and therefore did not campaign enough with them, lowering their participation compared to the Obama years. However, their mobilization will be crucial to winning the White House on November 3. Donald Trump has also been accused of racism after making comments and of maintaining ambiguity towards white nationalists. It remains unpopular with black voters.

Faced with controversy, one of Joe Biden's top advisers, Symone Sanders, herself black, assured that her comments had been made “jokingly”. “But let's be clear on what the vice president said: he emphasized that he was ready to compare his record on African Americans to that of Trump at any time”, she tweeted. Joe Biden “has spent his career fighting alongside African-Americans”.

Known for his blunders, Joe Biden is very popular with blacks, who brought him to victory in the Democratic primary by offering him an overwhelming score in South Carolina, at the end of February, allowing him to return to the front of the race in one of the most spectacular returns in American political history. The interview continued after this exchange, Joe Biden recalling his work to strengthen the right to vote when he was a senator and the strong support he enjoys among blacks, before promising to return to the program.

In the same interview, the Democratic candidate denounces the management by the Trump administration of the coronavirus pandemic, which strikes blacks in several regions in a disproportionate way: “This crisis exposes to light the institutional racism which still prevails in our society”. The presenter also points out that some are upset to hear others urge him to choose a black candidate for the vice-presidency, since “black people saved your political life in primary democrat.

Joe Biden responds that “many black women are being considered” in its selection process which could last until July. The forecasts include senator and ex-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, ex-candidate for governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams or elected representative of the House of Representatives, Val Demings.


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