Detox. No, coronavirus has yet to cause death in India

Coronavirus concern spreads to India. And while the country officially has only 39 cases of proven contamination and no casualties, internet users claim to have found the first death linked to Covid-19. A video has gone viral, especially on Facebook : we see police officers wearing surgical masks entering a house and finding a body there.

Many claim that it was a death from the new virus when India had not yet known one. ” People should be careful with their movements, avoid public areas like the metro, hide their noses “, Indicates one of the Net surfers who shares it.

But as noted by the Indian media The Quint, the police badge visible on their uniforms identifies them as police officers from Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, some 2,500 kilometers from the Indian capital. Several local press articles report a police intervention in an apartment in the state and the discovery of a deceased young woman.

Contacted, local police confirmed that the video was filmed in the city of Chettipedu, in the south of the country and that the young woman was not a victim of the new coronavirus: according to local authorities, she was suffering from a severe asthma, and she died of a heart attack. And if the country has ordered restrictions on entry to the territory of people from the most affected countries, India has not asked its people to avoid public places as suggested by some Internet users who share the publication.

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